Recent Advances in Classical Algebraic Geometry


Registration is closed. In case you still would like to participate please contact the organizers via email to
Note that to complete the registration it is required to accept the terms and conditions of our conference that are available in two language versions (the polish version is the official one):
-English version
-Polish version

Young mathematicians (up to 10 years after obtaining a doctoral degree) who apply for in person participation in the Event may apply for financial support, covering part of the costs of stay  and part of the costs of travel. Candidates who would like to apply for support, should declare that will in the registration form and will then be asked to upload a short CV.
The Organizing Committee, after consultation with the Scientific Committee, will select up to 30 beneficiaries of the funding on the basis of substantive criteria:
-The quality and research area of the candidate's scientific achievements - 50%
-Stage of career, with preference for younger participants - 25%
-Affiliation. In particular, we plan to support up to 20 European participants and up to 10 from outside Europe. For European participants slight preference will be given to those from Central Europe - 25%

The decision of the Organizing Committee is discretionary, determined by the Project requirements. The candidates will be notified by e-mail about the decision by 30/04/2022. The decision of the Organizing Committee is final and may not be appealed against.

For participants who will be selected to get the support the following conditions and limits will apply:
-The tickets and accommodation will be reserved by the Jagiellonian University in     consultation with the participant.
-The support is limited to 300PLN by night of stay and 1000PLN for travel in Europe and 3000PLN for travel to/from outside Europe.
-We will do our best to stay inside the (slightly elastic) above limits, but in case this is impossible the participant will need to cover the remaining part of the cost of the tickets or accommodation.
-In case the participant does not show up at the conference he will be responsible to cover the possible cost of canceling the reservations, which in some cases might amount to the full cost of the ticket.

The registration for participants applying for funding is now closed.

If you have questions about the conference please contact the organizers via email to: