Recent Advances in Classical Algebraic Geometry

Links to lectures

Invited lectures:
-Olivier Benoist: "Smooth subvarieties of Jacobians"
-Jeremy Blanc: "From the birational geometry of pointless surfaces to the Cremona group"
-Christian Boehning: "Skew matrices of linear forms, matrix factorisations and intermediate Jacobians of cubic threefolds"
-Ana-Maria Castravet: "Blown up toric surfaces with non-polyhedral effective cone"
-Kento Fujita: "The Calabi problem for Fano threefolds"
-Joachim Jelisiejew: "Hilbert schemes of points: bad spaces with nice topology"
-Michael Kemeny: "The rank of syzygies"
-Eric Larson: "Interpolation for Brill-Noether Curves"
-Margherita Lelli-Chiesa: "Irreducibility of Severi varieties on K3 surfaces"
-Emanuele Macri: "Lagrangian  fibrations on hyper-Kahler fourfolds"
-Yuji Odaka: "Type II degeneration of K3 surfaces and type III degeneration of elliptic K3 surfaces via Piecewise-linear functions on the interval"
-John Ottem: "Two Coniveau Filtrations"
-Zsolt Patakfalvi: "Varieties with ample Frobenius-trace kernel"
-Yuri Prokhorov: "Singular Del Pezzo varieties"
-Claudiu Raicu: "Koszul modules"
-Giulia Sacca: "Moduli spaces as Irreducible Symplectic Varieties"
-Stefan Schreieder: "A moving lemma for cohomology with support"
-Ziquan Zhuang: "
Finite generation and K-stability"
-Jakub Witaszek: "
-Susanna Zimmermann: "Involutions of the real plane"

Contributed talks:
-Fabio Bernasconi:
"Lifting globally F-split surfaces to characteristic 0"
-Stefano Filipazzi: "
On the boundedness of elliptic Calabi-Yau threefolds"
-Sara Filippini: "Free resolutions from opposite Schubert varieties in minuscule homogeneous spaces"
-Marco Rampazzo: "Hodge structures and derived categories of Fano varieties in Grassmannians"
-Arman Sarikyan: "On Rationality of Fano-Enriques with terminal cyclic quotient singularities"
-Isabel Vogt: "Brill-Noether theory over the Hurwitz space"